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High quality drums direct from the source.

No Food For Lazy Man
uses high quality materials for our drums such as twenenboa and mahogany wood.
stripping the bark roughing out the shell rough carving
Drums being prepared for carving at Okurase Village

We select the wood from the Okurase Village, in the central region of Ghana. We use high quality rope and iron rod rings from local sources. Skins available include mature goat, cow and antelope. Drum sizes vary from '6 face' (6 inches) up to '20 face' (20 inches). They are finished with either patason, montion polish (natural color) or brown color. The Weaving (lacing of the drums) is done using high quality rope from local sources. Different styles of weaving used depending on skin used. or as special request.
drum sizes
Many sizes available

Expert carving and finishing
You can choose from plain, carved, and design drums using some of our established symbols or we can use your own printed art for custom carved drums.
applying potason
drums ready to cover
ready to cover
Symbols available for the drums:

Many of the common symbols are listed here.


We can provide many types of drums. These are many of the popular ones we produce.
Kpanlogo style
Kpanlogo style
Kpanlogo set
Kpanlogo set
Frontonfron drum
Dondon drums
Dondon (talking drums)
Achimewo drum
Achimewo (long drum)

Other Products

Other Instruments

bells Marakas
Agoago, Banana, Finger BellsMarakas
Marakas (shakeres)


drum bags
Drum bags


baskets baskets
Baskets from Bolgatanga (in the Upper East region)

Services we provide

Drum Repair

We can repair your drum with your skin or skins we have available. Or, you can repair it while we show you how. Either way, the whole process takes 3 days for the skin to dry. We can do repairs at your place or at the art center.
checking the drums
Meeting standards of quality

Playing Lessons

One, two or three hour lessons. Drums available for classes. Classes may be held at the beach or at the drum building center.

Drum building Lessons

You can buy your drum as parts and we can teach you how to put it together, or you can use our drums to learn on.
drum building lessons
Drum Building lessons


We have relations with clearing agents at Kotoka Airport and at Tema shipping harbor, to help you do shipping details. You can either arrange everything from Ghana, or make arrangements at your destination. You will need to pay customs, shipping and clearing agent fees as appropriate.
ready for shipment
Ready for shipment

Ghana Guides

If you are visiting Ghana, we also take people to interesting places in the area. And help with accommodation or other things you need.
ready to help you
Ready to help you
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